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Quick Guide

We've produced a short guide to choosing and using your study materials for the actuarial exams.

The guide helps with questions that many students have about which combination of study materials to choose and how best to use them to maximise their chances of exam success.

If you're about to consider some revision materials, then you may find the sections on exam revision and rehearsal particularly useful.

Core Study Materials

Our core study materials enable you to develop the basic knowledge and understanding of the principles needed to pass the exam.
Core study materials are available in all core and specialist subjects. As well as products in paper format, ActEd also provides electronic study products.

Revision Materials

Our revision materials help you to reach "exam standard" quickly and efficiently in the final weeks before the exam. For advice about which products to choose, please read our product guide. Advice on the exams, revision and our products is also available in our Tutor Talk videos.
For more information on revision materials please click below.

Maths & Stats

This course covers the maths and statistics ideas needed for the study of Subjects CM1, CM2, CS1 and CS2. Many of the topics covered are beyond the scope of A-Level or Higher Level syllabuses. The topics covered by the course include: Differentiation and integration techniques, Vectors and matrices, Algebra, including summation of series and binomial expansions.


You can have your attempts at the currently available assignments or mock exams marked by ActEd. When marking your scripts, we aim to provide specific advice to improve your chances of success in the exam. We also aim to return your script as swiftly as possible.


Time spent at an ActEd tutorial will be amongst your most productive study time - our experienced team of tutors will make sure that our tutorials help you to prepare effectively for the exams by taking you through important questions, clarifying key concepts and giving you the motivation to succeed. ActEd's interactive tutorials are challenging and rewarding. Our tutors will help you to develop your higher-level understanding and exam technique in an enjoyable environment.