SOA Exam P/CAS Exam 1
Course Notes

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Probability: An Introductory Guide for Actuaries and other Business Professionals, Third Edition, Carr and Gauger
ISBN: 0-9753136-8-1

This set of comprehensive notes covers all of the syllabus learning outcomes specified by the SOA/CAS. They include 142 worked examples. In addition, at the end of each chapter there are self-test questions - 228 in total, all with full explanatory solutions (written by BPP).

The fourth edition of the textbook has updated the first two versions for typographical errors. Our course notes are a complete and structured alternative to all of the recommended textbooks listed in the SOA/CAS catalog as being relevant to Exam P.


Chapter 1: Introduction to probability theory
Chapter 2: Counting techniques
Chapter 3: Conditional probability & Bayes' Theorem
Chapter 4: Introduction to random variables
Chapter 5: Common discrete distributions
Chapter 6: Common continuous distributions
Chapter 7: The normal distribution
Chapter 8: Multivariate distributions
Chapter 9: Transformations of random variables

255 pages

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