SOA Exam P
Course Notes

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Probability: An Introductory Guide for Actuaries and other Business Professionals, Third Edition, Carr and Gauger
ISBN: 0-9753136-8-1

This set of comprehensive notes covers all of the syllabus learning outcomes specified by the SOA. They include 142 worked examples. In addition, at the end of each chapter there are self-test questions - 228 in total, all with full explanatory solutions (written by BPP).

The fourth edition of the textbook has updated the first two versions for typographical errors. Our course notes are a complete and structured alternative to all of the recommended textbooks listed in the SOA catalog as being relevant to Exam P.


Chapter 1: Introduction to probability theory
Chapter 2: Counting techniques
Chapter 3: Conditional probability & Bayes' Theorem
Chapter 4: Introduction to random variables
Chapter 5: Common discrete distributions
Chapter 6: Common continuous distributions
Chapter 7: The normal distribution
Chapter 8: Multivariate distributions
Chapter 9: Transformations of random variables

255 pages

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