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$92.00 Financial Mathematics text only
$148.00 Financial Mathematics and Derivatives Course notes

Text: Financial Mathematics, A Guide for Actuaries and other Business Professionals, Second Edition, Ruckman and Francis
ISBN: 0-9753136-4-9

A set of comprehensive notes, including over 320 worked examples and exam-style self-test questions, of which 155 are original questions written by BPP. View the full online explanatory solutions.

Chapter 1: Interest rates and factors
Chapter 2: Level annuities
Chapter 3: Varying annuities
Chapter 4: Non-annual interest rates and annuities
Chapter 5: Project appraisal and loans
Chapter 6: Financial instruments
Chapter 7: Duration, convexity and immunization
Chapter 8: The term structure of interest rates
Chapter 9: Stochastic interest rates

344 pages

Course notes: Derivatives (not sold separately)

6 units covering material on financial economics.

Included in FM Study Program and Advanced Study Program

Session 9: Introduction to derivatives
Session 10: Forwards and options
Session 11: Derivative strategies
Session 12: Risk management
Session 13: Forwards and futures
Session 14: Swaps


Financial Mathematics is an approved reference for SOA Exam FM.

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